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Bucky Phillips


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About Bucky

As a player Bucky won 119 tennis tournaments and was ranked number 6 in the United States.

How we can help

Tennis is the game of a lifetime. We can help with your volleys, forehand, backhand, overhead,drop shots,serves and any of the intangibles you may think of.


Call for a 5 minute discussion of how Bucky can help your tennis game.


Tennis Clinic Information Time and Locations

Alpha Tennis and Fitness

Saturday 3 PM

Sunday   8 AM

Monday 9 PM

Moore Park  3 PM




Meet Bucky 
Over 40 years experience teaching and playing tennis puts Bucky at the top of the list amongst tennis instructors in Pittsburgh.

Check out our instructional videos below

l/r tennis intro,forehand,one-hand backhand,forehand volley,lob,3 types of serve,intangibles,overhead
Tennis Intangibles
tennis overhead shot

Here's what our students are saying!

I have known Bucky when he was an active pro tennis player, as well as tennis instructor. He is a master at knowing where to put the ball but he is VERY enthusiastic about teaching the game. He always points out your strong abilities. You will always feel good after spending time at one of his clinics
Sara BeverlyMt. Lebanon, PA
Bucky is the Brad Gilbert of Pittsburgh. He’s never met a stranger. His Ph.D. in Education is a hidden secret to his success. He communicates, motivates and teaches. Over my 20 year work with Bucky, he progressed my daughter into a USTA ranked player and allowed her to enjoy a life changing college tennis career. He’s maintained my health and pushed my game to a new level. The highlight of my week is to join Bucky's clinics. No one hits more balls in a two-hour clinic. I love his notorious “teachable moments."There’s a reason we call him “The Legend.”
John BrownMt.Lebanon,PA
I played number one tennis for Duquesne University. Following graduation I opened my own business. After a 33 year hiatus I returned to tennis and lessons with Bucky. Bucky modernized my game and transformed me from a 3.5 to a 4 in nine months. Bucky is a miracle worker
Rinaldo AcriPittsburgh, PA

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